Astonishing discovery, The MENHIR OF MISCOU

Megalithic monument made of a large chiselled rock and planted in the ground, dating from the time of the VIKINGS (ancient people of the north of Europe, today Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland…). This Menhir was erected by the Vikings during their voyages to America, around the year 700 or 800 of our era.

The Menhirs (or Men of Fire) were ritualistic monuments related to the supernatural believes of the Vikings. They were mostly found around their temples and cemeteries. The Menhir of Miscou Island, discovered in 1997 by Lincoln Hachey, is another proof of the voyages that the Vikings made to Canada, crossing the Atlantic ocean much before the official discovery of America by Christopher Colombus in 1492.

The MENHIR OF MISCOU was evidently chiselled before it was transported to the island, given that no rocks or rock-formations are found on Miscou Island, New-Brunswick.